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 Post subject: Saving your XP / Restoring your lost XP
PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 7:05 pm 
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Part 1 - Saving your XP

If you want to reinstall Windows, or change something on your Computer System that requires you to reinstall Enemy Territory, it is important that you save your GUID.

The GUID (a 32 character alphanumeric "number") is like a computer based key, that identifies yourself to the servers, when you connect.
This is the way the server knows that you are back and then gives you your XP and the userlevel back and the statistics system can add it to the old account.

Conclusion: If you loose that GUID, you won't get your XP back!

The GUID is stored in a file, and that file is called "etkey".
(Without a file extension, like etkey.exe or something! Just "etkey")

That file is located in your \etmain\ folder within your Enemy Territory installation directory.

So, for example, if your ET is installed in C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\
you need to use the Windows Explorer and go into this directory, and there into the \etmain\ directory:
C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\

There you will see the "etkey" file.
Its around 1kb size.

That is the one you need to save.

Well, easiest way is to zip it, save it to a location you can get to after you reinstalled your system, another harddrive, a floppy disk or a burned CD or even an online mail account you can store files in for example.
I leave that up to you. ;)

Now, when you need to reeinstall that file, all you need is to reinstall ET, install all patches and then copy the saved "etkey" file back to the ET installation into the \etmain\ directory.

That way, if you keep the saved etkey forever, you should be abled to save your XP and the userlevels etc for all times, too.

Simple, hu? :)

The following part is only important, if you did NOT save your etkey file:

Part 2 - restoring your lost XP

Ok, since some think Admins are gods, let me first explain what we cannot do:
- We cannot restore "just some" of your lost XP. All or none.
- We cannot restore your XP after a long time, more then 4 weeks is hard.
- We do backups of the XP data every night, but sometimes the backup file is corrupt.
- We do not restore intentionally deleted XP. No matter if you deleted them or an admin did.
- We do not sit in front of our PCs 24/7, so we cannot restore your XP in the minute you write your eMail. In fact we have a real life and it might take us some days to answer. But that is ok.

Now, before I tell you what you need to do, so we can restore your XP, I first want you to see something:
Restoring your XP is a little work and since most of you loose your XP by stupidity ("formated my harddrive and forgot to save the etkey, sorry..."), I hereby ask you directly for a donation to the servers.
I don't care how much, as long as you donate something. If you do not have a PayPal Account I'd gladly tell you my adress or a real bank account number, so you can send the money otherwise.
Thank you in advance.
Please don't get this wrong. We don't earn money with XP saving. That is for free all the time.
But restoring lost XP is work and some players aren't very carefull with theirs, so we like to make them think twice about how to maybe avoid the costs.

Now, if you agree to this, we need 2 things from you to restore them:
- The last day when you had the XP, the exact date. With this we can check for the backups.
- Your current player GUID. (Don't ask what a GUID is, it is written above.)

How to get your current GUID:
1.) Start the game and connect to one of our servers.
2.) Enter !listplayers into the Game Console (Console opens with the ^-key.)
3.) Now you see a list there, something like this:
4.) Write down the 8-digits code that stands before your name. Like (*B7073CA0) in this example.
That 8-digit part of your GUID (those are the last 8 digits of it) is what we need to find you in our XP-Data and to overwrite your new XP with the old one.
So, send it to us. Use the Contact-Form at best.

If you are a player with a level (earned for XP, for example), please tell so in the mail, too.
This way your level can be restored, too.


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